As the 15th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, four local firefighters are preparing to climb more than 90 flights of stairs to show respect for their comrades that gave their lives to save others.

This Sunday, Ngongotaha firefighters Paul Osborne, Justin Nichols, Liam Wallbridge and Ricardo Wallace will run up and down the Auckland Sky Tower twice in their full kits weighing 31.5kg in a memorial run.

It will be the 15-year anniversary of what was the most significant day worldwide for those working in the fire service, when the New York Fire Department lost 343 firefighters.

The names of 56 Kiwi firefighters lost in the line of duty will also be read out as the participants get ready to climb the stairs of the Sky Tower for the memorial.


Mr Nichols said it was important to remember 9/11 and what happened in the United States, but the event was also for the fallen fire fighters of New Zealand.

"It will be a good challenge, it's a big thank you to those who have fought for us," he said.

Mr Osborne said he had been doing the annual run for five years now, but this was only the second year it had been at the Sky Tower.

He said it was great to see firefighters from different brigades - as far as New York - come together and remember the fallen fighters.

Chief firefighter Fancis Boag said he was proud of the four from his squad who were going to the memorial.

"The fact that they do it every year is incredible, they are a credit to the organisation. We have a really good report with our New York comrades. It's a special occasion for any firefighter world wide."

Mr Wallbridge said it was his first time doing the memorial run.

"I wanted to do it so I could represent the Ngongotaha Brigade and to remember those who have fallen around the world, the people who have sacrificed their lives for others."


The four men will be joined by firefighters from all over the country as well as some from New York for the memorial run on September 11 at 3pm.

It will be live streamed at