An unusual show befitting the old world sophistication of Prince's Gate will be performed there tomorrow night.

Stranger combines the talents of Greg Malcolm and Jenny Ward, two eccentric New Zealand performers who will take the audience into a journey of surreal, off-beat cabaret.

Stranger wowed the crowd at the Waiotapu Folk Festival earlier this year, where they first performed to a hall full of children and parents in broad daylight.

"Later that evening they silenced 120 viewers who full heartedly enjoyed their show - with gasps and draws of breath, to burst of laughter, and then adoring their commitment to entertain their audience. My God, it was brilliant," said show organiser, Karin Vincent of the Rogue Stage.


Stranger's eclectic song selection begins with the sounds of 1920s Berlin. Vocalist Ward delves into the underbelly of the Berlin streets and sings the songs of Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill.

"Stranger will surprise you with their sweet vocals, surreal song choice, costume changes, quirkiness, abstract percussion and even walkie-talkies."

She said the Prince's Gate audience would be glued to their seats with the show's energy and originality.

"They 'live' these songs to encompass their true meaning, presented to an audience who finds abstract theatre entertaining as an art form," said Ms Vincent.

Hailed as one of the world's most unique guitarists, based on what he uses to create sound with, Malcolm spent a lot of time in Europe perfecting his alternative approach to making music.

Ward also has an unusual performance style, more befitting in a 1920s dada-esque cafe.

A vocalist, actress, performer, she interprets the works of Bertolt Brecht, Kurt Weill and Ivor Cutler with abstract concepts - such as using walkie-talkies and sock puppets, said Ms Vincent.

"This show will be a complement to the existing style and era of Prince's Gate - the old-world sophistication reflected in the chandeliers, Victorian memorabilia and sepia photographs hanging on the wall. Jenny and Greg take you on a journey from 1920s Berlin to 1940s American mid-west to 1950s Scotland with eccentric and avant garde absurdist poet - Ivor Cutler."