Three tourist campervans have been broken into in less than a week in Rotorua, sparking an appeal from police who say they don't want visitors' memories of Rotorua to be bad ones.

About 12.20pm on Monday a campervan was broken into at Long Mile Rd and property was taken, then at 2.30pm another campervan was broken into at Okere Falls car park.

Area prevention manager Inspector Stuart Nightingale has asked the public to be alert to suspicious behaviour around parked and unattended vehicles.

"Theft of personal property can be devastating to the victims particularly when they are new to Rotorua or a visitor to New Zealand.


"It's just terrible, we don't want people coming here and remembering us for that. We want people to want to come to Rotorua and not have that happen," Mr Nightingale said.

This week's thefts came after a couple visiting from Germany had their campervan broken into on Friday in the Rotorua CBD.

Markus Emerich said he and his wife, Charlotte Janz, had more than $6000 worth of gear taken from their van.

"We got robbed... in the middle of town sitting in a cafe 50 metres away from our parked van.

"It was during daytime, 2pm, opposite the Novotel, their security camera actually shows how it happens.

"They take their time and do not seem to worry about being caught. Sadly, their license plate or faces are too far away.

"Putting the news out there, how cheeky they rob cars in the middle of town at daytime, might raise the awareness that there is a problem in Rotorua," Mr Emerich said.

Ms Janz said the thieves took all her clothes, their camera, and most importantly their hard drive which was only worth $60 but had all of their photos from the last 10 years on it.

"It's the end of our trip. The only clothes I have left are the ones I was wearing. The worst part was that they took my hard drive which has all my memories. If I could make an appeal to simply have that returned, I would be happy."

She said they had travel insurance, but that couldn't replace their sentimental items.

■If anyone has information about the thefts contact Rotorua police on (07) 349 9400 or Crimestoppers on (0800) 555 111.