Rotorua mayoral candidate Dr Reynold Macpherson wants to introduce another committee to the Rotorua Lakes Council if elected mayor, promising to build more partnerships with iwi and community groups.

He has "promised to build many partnerships to encourage community development projects in our iwi, villages, voluntary services and cultural groups".

"It will require a new programme of support, a new committee of council and changes to the administrative culture of council," he said in his latest policy statement.

"We will launch a community development programme to be supervised by a new Public Services committee of council. There are many small projects just waiting to happen that will contribute to sustainability."


He said his four main committees - finance, infrastructure, public services and regulations - would replace the portfolio system put in place by the current council.

The public services committee would take responsibility for libraries, museums, reserves, recreational facilities, community amenities and social services programmes such as cemetery services, environment and health, and council housing for the elderly.

"We also need a fresh administrative culture to encourage many partnerships so that local groups can take the initiative with confidence and support.

"We favour openness over secrecy, feedback and collaboration instead of command systems, and continuous human resource development rather than bureaucracy."

He would retain the audit and risk committee, but it would comprise all elected representatives and be advised by external experts on financial management, risk evaluation and administrative integrity.

"The chief executive's performance committee would continue, but also include all elected representatives and be advised by external experts on human resource management and development, and on whistle blower protocols to protect feedback."

Rotorua's six other mayoral candidates respond:
Frances Louis:
Well, that's what I like. Team work, inclusive, I'm very pleased.
Reynold, you have outdone yourself here. I love it.
It's about serving the people without any hidden agenda.
It's good too you have made a promise to stand by your plans.

RangiMarie Kingi:
I think partnerships are past their strategy used by date.
We need to assert a tribal military Maori authority overdue here, under Pukaki's return, because Maori own the water, in the first order of importance.
More programmes, schemes, 2030 plans - in my view it's nonsense planning.
Steve Chadwick:
This latest policy signals further restructuring, yet another committee, and increased administration driving costs back into the organisation that is simply not needed.

We have a "can do" council now that's gone through a culture shift and massive change.

He wants to return to core service delivery alone, do away with the current inclusive portfolio approach supported by community-led groups that is seen as innovative and delivering.

Our Sustainable Living Strategy that took two years to develop is out for feedback and will be implemented. This signals the way ahead through community development to build strong neighbourhoods, widen partnerships and protect our environment.

Input from the Lakes Community Board and the new Rural Board will broaden our shared goals.

Rob Kent:
Not another new committee, how many are you up to now?

That makes six so far to do what can be done with two, in my view.

A "community development programme" for small projects already exists and is called the Neighbourhood Matching Fund.

Mark Gould:
I believe that great partnerships with the community evolve naturally if you genuinely care and if you engage with integrity and listen honestly.

Under my leadership councillors will be encouraged to identify their unique skills in the hope that committees will comprise some local experts.

At times assistance may be sought from outside agencies, but ultimately your councillors will be the final decision makers.

Any decisions on sub-committees and the membership of them will be made after the election and will be based upon who the community has supported to represent them.

I will establish committees and seek feedback/issues from all interested individuals and groups, it will then be the responsibility of committee chairpersons to achieve outcomes that support the community, however, legislative requirements will influence some decisions and this will need to be a consideration.

* John Rakei-Clark did not respond.