A Rotorua boy who was bitten by dogs in an alleyway on his way home from school has bounced back and isn't even afraid of dogs.

Cameron Bidois, 8, suffered six nasty bite marks on his leg and side after two dogs knocked him down and attacked him as he walked through the alleyway from Selwyn School to meet his older sisters at Western Heights High School last week.

The brave youngster's ordeal was ended by a passerby, Ihaia Herewini, who was walking his own children home from school.

Hailed as a hero, Mr Herewini pulled the dogs off the boy and prevented any other children from entering the alleyway.


Cameron's mother, Kryselle Swinton, told the Rotorua Daily Post her son was "doing better than I could have hoped for".

"He returned back to school only two days after the attack and insisted on walking the same route through the alleyway after school.

"Funnily enough, Ihaia was there picking up his own kids and ran into Cameron and offered to walk him through the alleyway on his first day back. He really is a hero and deserves a medal."

Ms Swinton said she was worried Cameron could have suffered emotional trauma that lasted long after the bite wounds.

"But with all the support from his friends, teachers and the community he's bounced back to normal already."

She said the response from the public was "so positive and overwhelming". He even received a $50 movie voucher from the Parris family who had never met Cameron but were touched by the story and wanted to cheer him up.

"The most frequent thing Cameron has been asked since his attack are his feelings towards the dogs and their owners. His response always shocks because he doesn't blame the dogs or owners at all.

"If anything, he feels extremely sad that the dogs are in 'doggy jail' and are not having cuddles with their owners. He has such big place in his heart for animals."

She said she also wanted to thank the Rotorua Daily Post for highlighting the story and finding Mr Herewini, who was initially an unknown hero because he left the scene of the dog attack before the family could get his name.

Rotorua Lakes Council Animal Control supervisor Kevin Coutts said the investigation was still progressing.

He said once all parties had been interviewed a decision would be made on further action.

The dogs involved in the incident are in Animal Control's custody.