Nominations for the Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust open this Friday and the trust is encouraging people with the required skills and a passion for the city to put themselves forward as a potential trustee.

Established in 1994 to serve the Rotorua community, the trust was formed out of the sale of Rotorua Electricity Limited with an initial capital of $32 million.

Today, this capital exceeds $140 million, with $104 million invested back into the Rotorua community since its inception.

Trust manager Tony Gill saaid the trust existed to contribute towards a more vibrant Rotorua community, and one of the key roles of trustees was to effectively and responsibly oversee the growth of the trust's assets in order to deliver on this core objective.


"The trust's capital is one of the largest of any charitable trust in New Zealand. It is the role of the six trustees to act both as guardians and enablers - protecting the fund and ensuring grants are directed to groups that have a positive impact on the community.

"Rotorua is a diverse city made up of incredible people doing incredible things, and it's the trust's responsibility to ensure these people get the support they need."

The trust's four key areas of focus are investing in people, particularly through support of education and health; enabling community groups to grow, develop and support our local community; investing in facilities that benefit the wider community; and supporting a vibrant community through events and activities.

"The trust has an impact on just about every person in Rotorua so it's essential that our board has a diverse mix of people that reflects the community," Mr Gill said.

"We're hoping to have a real mix of applicants from a range of different backgrounds, ethnicities and ages, who are passionate about Rotorua, its people and want to bring their unique point of view to the trust.

"The trust operates through a set of core values, ensuring respect, independence, integrity, transparency and responsibility are demonstrated in all actions and decisions."

The six trustee positions will be contested in the trust's election on Saturday 19 November.

Nominations are open from Friday until 12 noon September 23. Nomination papers and full information will be available on the trust's website on Friday.

For more information, contact the electoral office on (0800) 922 822, or visit the trust office during normal business hours at 1358 Eruera St.