Hundreds of daffodils have been delivered in grand style around Rotorua to raise awareness and funds for the Cancer Society.

Rotorua Daffodil Day co-ordinator Tracey Crompton was happy to have the Rotorua Vintage Car Club on board to help deliver daffodils today, ahead of Daffodil Day this Friday.

"We have sold 790 bunches to Rotorua businesses, which is fantastic, it's more than last year so we are really excited about that.

She said the Vintage Car Club delivered almost 300 bunches today and Fastway Couriers will be delivering the rest tomorrow and Thursday.


"The van arrived at 6.30am and it's a beautiful day, we couldn't have wished for a more beautiful day. Then the volunteers arrived and they have been bunching since 7am.

"To have all these lovely ladies on board just makes a massive difference for us and we couldn't do what we do without the volunteers.

"With one in three Kiwis affected by cancer, it's a massive message we need to get out there for people to look after each other and get tested and help fundraise and the more we fundraise the more we can pour back into the community.

"We are really grateful for what the volunteers do, the time they give, it's just a huge community effort and we are very grateful.

"This is the first year we have utilised the Vintage Car Club and they are just so excited to be on board. We have 12 volunteers from them and six drivers."

Rotorua Vintage Car Club captain Angie Brunton said they were asked by the Cancer Society to help out and they thought it was something they could do.

"It's very important, just this last week I've heard of three people who have been diagnosed with cancer.

"I think it touches everybody and my husband lost a daughter to breast cancer 10 years ago so it's always there on your mind and every little bit we can do to raise awareness and funds is great."

pf■enTo donate go to, text "hope" to 469 to make an instant $3 donation or look for street collectors on Friday.