Members of the Eastside Residents Association will meet tonight to find out what's happening following the closure of the Lumbercube mill.

The group was set up to address noise issues coming from the mill that closed suddenly in July with the loss of 71 jobs.

Association chairman Rawiri Daniels said the meeting would address the question of "what now" for the site as well as a presentation from the developers of Lynmore Junction - the Holmes Group.

Members will also get the opportunity to find out what was happening at Lynmore Junction, the work and time frames, with an opportunity to ask any questions about the project.


"Basically, it's an information sharing meeting so we could advise the members and residents about what happened when the mill closed and what the council were looking to do.

"This is so, in the future, we can have a strong and clear voice to put our issues to the council if anything should happen at that site again.

"It's great to have the Holmes Group coming too. That's a smart collaborative move and we are looking forward to them telling us about their project," Mr Daniels said.