Rotorua mayor Steve Chadwick says Rotorua is not the place it was before the 2013 election, but she has more to do to keep Rotorua moving ahead.

Mrs Chadwick released her third policy statement yesterday, in it saying she wants to see more "open and balanced investment" in the district.

"Things are happening and the confidence to take advantage of the improving economy is coming through.

"After years of seeing our people leave the district we are now seeing them return along with others and net migration is now beyond 1000.


"We have responded to the call for change and it hasn't been easy.

"We need to keep driving hard for our shared success," she said.

"I have announced the need for a district-wide housing plan including the inner city.

"We need to increase the level of investment together in spa health and wellness. The new Economic Development council-controlled organisation (CCO) that links tourism with economic growth will have a lead role in the co-ordination and facilitation of this process to fit our Rotorua spa plan."

She said Rotorua needed to attract partnership investment to complete the Kuirau Park geothermal family fun park and the Aquatic Centre upgrade as well as growing the council's Wood First Policy within the wider region.

"The joint working party on geothermal will look to include a goal to increase the use of geothermal energy for home heating schemes and other commercial use for industry and the potential for food production.

"We will work together to attract balanced investment in our proposition around wood, health and wellness and cultural tourism.

"We will keep focused on our partnership with investors, developers and other partners to drive this plan and the newly appointed economic advisory group will work with the councillor-lead CCO to deliver the plan."

Rotorua's six other mayoral candidates respond:

John Rakei-Clark:
Would you like a photo of me as I hand out food, from my own pantry, including advocating for local families for housing, family issues, including legal court action, and WINZ?

Let's support the people, the people, the future.

Rob Kent:
Council did not achieve 88 per cent spending on capital projects this year - it achieved only 64 per cent of annual plan budget failing to complete $12.2 million of planned works.

The failure to complete capital works is the only reason council has ended the year able to make a token debt reduction and with cash in hand.

The investment in the inner city to increase foot traffic has been so successful six more shops are empty than in January, and pedestrian foot traffic in Tutanekai St was 7 per cent lower in this past autumn than in the previous winter.

Time for some truth, not spin.

Reynold Macpherson:
Spin shrouds reality.

Taking credit for wary business confidence and investment decisions, national immigration and employment trends, and financial management reforms is implausible; only the last area is down to the mayor and lacks cost compression and debt reduction.
The mayor has admitted that we have a low growth economy.

Her "achievements" are controversial and overly focused on tourism, in my view.

Frances Louis:
I'm anti-2030 vision. I believe in our Te Arawa motto "tatau tatau" (we together), but "we together" for our Rotorua here and now tamariki (children).

Rangimarie Kingi:

Rotorua needs a starting point for change.

Asking the hard questions for answers is that starting point.

If we can resolve hard questions I foresee Rotorua as a leading area nationally, even internationally.

Mark Gould:
Mayor Chadwick would do well to remember that Rotorua's achievements are not hers alone, but from a far wider team of councillors and staff committed to our community.

I have supported policies that have resulted in growth, likewise I have not supported pet projects that have proven to be unnecessary and expensive.

In my view, poor financial decisions have been pushed through council as a direct result of the mayor having the numbers.

My style of leadership will be to engage with council and the community in an effort to find appropriate paths to overall growth and prosperity.

Without community spirit we have nothing.