Rotary Club of Rotorua North has given more than $56,000 back to the community, from money raised through its Saturday market at Kuirau Park.

Charity market director Garry Adlam said $56,233 was raised in the financial year to June 30 from people paying to set up stalls at the market.

"It's all about helping the community."

He said this was the 28th year the market had been going and it generally raised between $56,000 and $60,000, depending on the weather.


"It's amazing how much money that space raises."

Some of the money went to Western Heights High School football teams.

Girls' 1st XI player Caramia Ali, 16, said the money helped pay for the fees of an upcoming tournament, the cost of petrol and the hiring of vans.

She said they felt lucky and thankful, as it removed the stress of having to fundraise.

"It's a huge help, especially for the parents that have two children in our teams and it helps cut their expenses."

The market operates every Saturday at Kuirau Park and is open from 6am to 1.30pm in all weather.

Mr Adlam said the Rotorua Lakes Council had put in a new walking track so there was extra parking by the Aquatic Centre.

It would be getting signposted and would direct people to the market site, he said.

The market is the club's major fundraiser, with the cost per site $20 for a 3sq m site.

All proceeds raised from the market are put back into the community.

Community causes receiving donations:
Christmas Parade, Parksyde, New Zealand Family and Foster Care, Riding for Disabled, Western Heights High School Football, St Faiths Church, Vocational Scholarships, Rotary International Youth Exchange, World Vision, Volcanic Scouts Group, Summer Science School, Road Safety, Girl Guides, Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment, Outward Bound, Polio Challenge, Shelter/Emergency Boxes, Convention 2015, Fiji Appeal, Vietnam donation.