And just like that, it's over.

Who knew 18 weeks could go so fast? I certainly didn't, but those last few absolutely flew by.

The lead up to the night was hectic for all of us with last minute practises, costume changes, dress rehearsals, hair, make up, one final toast and boom! We were on stage.

Flash (Brent Park) and I had heaps of fun and we felt very loved with all the support and wonderful comments we received after our performance.


I managed to raise more than $300 for Rotorua Hospice, which doesn't sound like too much, but every bit counts! A massive thank you to those who donated - not just to my page - but to others as well.

How good was the show? It was amazing. All the dancers were so proud of each other - the effort each and every one put in was outstanding and man did we put on a show.

I have to say a big thanks to Glen Law, he took so much time out to help me and Flash during the last few months and we would not have got through without his lessons.

Shelley Martin and Troy Smith - we all love both of you and no one would have got on that stage if we didn't have your support.

And Jan Morgan, wow, you were so determined to get this show up and running and you did an amazing job! I hope we all did you proud!

Flash, thanks for being an awesome partner. I'm so glad we had fun and could laugh about everything that was thrown at us along the way.

If you didn't manage to catch the show, don't worry, Jan has said there will be a DVD of the night available soon.

The event was all for Hospice and we managed to raise over $60,000 in total! An awesome effort from the community.

But all of our Givealittle pages are still up and running until August 31, so if you would still like to donate click here.

Thanks for tuning in and coming on this journey with me folks! It was a wonderful ride.