The Rotorua Lakes Council has contacted the mother of young girl who suffered leg injuries after getting impaled on a hook on a soccer goal post.

Alyssa Gillions, 7, was climbing a soccer goal post at the Warwick Dr reserve after soccer practice on Friday afternoon when she slipped and a hook went into her right leg.

Fire Service and ambulance staff attended to help free her.

Alyssa had surgery on Friday night, and had to stay in hospital for 48 hours to make sure there was no infection.


Rotorua Lakes Council sport and recreation manager Rob Pitkethley said he had contacted Ms Gillions this morning to discuss what had happened and inform her of the council's response.

"We were very pleased to hear that Alyssa is at home, resting up and doing well. We wish her a quick recovery.

"Like Ms Gillions, council wants to ensure equipment provided for the community in the city's parks and reserves is safe."

Goal posts are checked monthly to ensure they are secure and safe, and playground equipment is checked fortnightly.

"However, we'd encourage anyone who sees anything they think could pose a risk to contact the council immediately.

"We checked the posts in Warwick Dr reserve this morning and a crew will be checking all posts this week.

Among other things, we'll ensure any hooks that netting gets attached to are bent far enough inwards to not be a problem. It's simple enough to do."

Mr Pitkethley said not all the posts installed in Rotorua's parks and reserves were the same but all would be checked to ensure they did not pose a risk.