Frogs, monkeys and umbrellas are just a few of the words that can be used to describe the tasty decorated treats sold at numerous businesses around Rotorua to raise money for the SPCA.

Today marked the annual and national SPCA Cupcake Day, which aims to raise money for the thousands of animals the charity cares for each year.

Rotorua SPCA centre manager Sue Kennedy said all the money raised for Rotorua SPCA would go towards bettering the welfare of the animals.

"Everything it takes to get an unwell, neglected or abused animal back to health and ready for a new home."


Ms Kennedy said it was early days and she couldn't say how much would be raised, but "every little penny raised is going to count".

Cupcakes were being sold at the airport, Countdown, New World, Robert Harris, BNZ and the I-site down town.

The Rotorua SPCA had also done a few office calls as they had had a few pre-orders, she said.

Ms Kennedy said they had a number of local businesses that supported the day, with Rydges Hotel, Crouchers Brewery, Vet Plus, Salon St Bruno and Jet Park Hotel making cupcakes, along with the airport, BNZ, Robert Harris and many of their volunteers.

She said they had also sold cupcakes at the Night Market last Thursday and Abracadabra Cafe had sold some over the weekend.

Volunteers both baked and decorated cupcakes at Lynmore School's Hall on Sunday, she said.

"There's been a lot of community support."

She said she thought there would have been more than 2000 cupcakes made.

SPCA staff member Emma Goldfinch, who was situated at the I-Site yesterday, said the animal cupcakes went the fastest, and they had encouraged volunteer decorators to do "cute animal ones".

"I think it's something that most people can do so they feel they can contribute. It's something easy to do and people have had a lot of fun decorating."

She said it had been a bit of excitement leading up to it.