Rangimarie Kingi has launched her second attempt at the Rotorua mayoralty and in her first policy statement outlines her aims for the district.

Ms Kingi is of Te Arawa descent through both her parents and wants to replace the Rotorua Lakes Council with a new tribal organisation, among other things.

Her first policies are outlined below.

Ending citizenship ceremonies:
She blames the decline in Maori population numbers on colonisation and immigration.
"Tourists are welcome to visit - however immigration and citizenship is tapu (sacred), only a few should enter."
Any immigrants will be educated on New Zealand history and the facts of British colonisation.13-08-2016 10:00:00
"New Zealand citizenship is a birthright you must be born here."


No-one hungry or homeless:
Housing suited to the weather conditions, no-one is to be sleeping outdoors, all must be housed and local food supplies for local residents will be fully investigated to address this.
"When the people starve ... the true chiefs starve with them, while false chiefs are fattened."

Introduce a "three generational voting system, or end votes altogether":
"In a so called democracy - the American idea of voting for the people by the people - there should be three-generational voting, including children as young as 5 years old.
Otherwise we end up with what's current, an old aged dominated voting system."

Ban all chemical poisons used in parks and reserves:
We have been over-poisoned by local council chemical company sprays of parks and reserves. Regional council aquatic Roundup gel in waterways, DOC with Forest and Bird 1080 baiting.
Farming and agriculture spraying and aerial spraying orders will all be challenged for a ban on chemical use.

Establish an office at council for Te Arawa Kingitanga:
To close off the kings and queens of England rule of oppression for the last 150 years of our colonised nation. This will lead to tribal local independent authority here in Rotorua.
"Under the new authority of tohunga (judge and priest combined) Judge RangiMarie Kingi, aka Lady Justice, all matters arising from now on are to be addressed in a court-like manner for all matters arising of concern.
"All policies and wordings are subject to change of any sort or order only by RangiMarie Kingi consent, and may have further policies added as matters arise for address."

Other mayoral candidates respond:

Mark Gould:
I respect her views. But she has no knowledge or understanding of New Zealand legislation or local government bylaws.

John Rakei-Clark:
I love the spirit of our up and coming leaders. These are issues that should be debated and resolved, but this might not be the platform to launch ideals just yet.
I also have policies that will require our king and his council to decide.
As well as a combined mayoral Bay of Plenty, a problem that needs to be tabled.

Frances Louis:
I tautoko (support) all that Rangimarie says. I have listened to her and have seen her truth.
[This system] is not doing the people any good. We need to get rid of the crown and the church.
I absolutely tautoko Rangimarie because she speaks with an ancestral voice.

Steve Chadwick:
Most of the issues raised such as citizenship, immigration and voting systems are the responsibility of central government and not local government.
The use of chemicals in reserves is a council issue. We will address this through our sustainability portfolio and are currently seeking feedback on our sustainable living strategy and will implement this when a new council is formed.
Rotorua Lakes Council has entered into a partnership with Te Arawa and has elected members of the Te Tatou o Te Arawa Board participating at the two major committees of council. I will not be changing this model and hope to consolidate this model to review participation in portfolio and other aspects of council such as council-controlled organisations and the RMA policy committee.
This decision was democratically passed by this council.

Reynold Macpherson:
With respect, there are many unjustified assumptions evident.
For example, many factors are blamed for the decline in the Maori ethnic group population, when the 2013 Census showed that it had increased by 163,758 people in the past 22 years to 598,605, that is, to one in seven people or 14.9 per cent.
I disagree with some proposals.
Immigrants deserve the same human rights as all other citizens.
Five-year-olds are not old enough to vote.
Best science is the most trustworthy guide to the use of chemicals in our parks and reserves.
I do agree with her regarding basic welfare, health and education as birth rights.
But, I would rather trust democratically elected representatives to make decisions affecting my life than any form of tribal aristocracy having disproportionate power in perpetuity, such as the proposed Te Arawa Kingitanga.

Rob Kent:
"I very respectfully decline to comment."