I can't believe how fast this has gone.

This Saturday brings the big show and with it a whole lot of nerves.

Over the last week Flash (Kyra's dancing partner Brent Park) and I have been practising our dance over and over and over!

As well as practise, we have been busy with a sponsor evening at Flash's winery and a dress rehearsal with the rest of the couples.


It was awesome having Wade Fleet, Mark Wilkinson and the rest of the crew from iTCo come and hang out with us at Volcanic Hills Winery while Brent showed us what he does at work.

It was also nice to have a night off dancing to taste wine!

But, soon enough we were back in the hall, all dressed up and strutting our stuff in front of our wonderful teachers, Shelley Martin and Glen Law.

We all got to run through our routines three times each and man oh man does everyone look good!

When we all finished, Glen shouted, "we have a show!' and everyone cheered.

If you're coming along on Saturday you are going to be blown away, even if we weren't dancers before we started this, we are now.

Please don't forget this is all for Hospice and Jan Morgan, Rotorua Community Hospice Trust funding manager and event organiser, has done an amazing job.

If you would like to donate to this wonderful cause please click here.