The Sustainable Living Portfolio group, together with Rotorua Lakes Council's customer services team, have developed an information pack to welcome new residents to Rotorua.

The purpose of the pack is to help individuals and families settle in to Rotorua by providing useful information that will help them connect with their neighbours and wider community.

The pack includes a reusable shopping bag, a detailed town map including contact details for health care providers and youth-based activities and key information about Civil Defence, council services and Neighbourhood Support.

Citizens Advice Bureau coordinator Jane Eynon-Richards said the packs were needed.


"We will definitely be giving them out as much as we can. We have a lot of new migrants who come to the bureau so it is a great way for them to get all the information they need without having to look for it."

The packs will be available from local community services like Citizens Advice Bureau and Neighbourhood Support to be given to people who have made the move to Rotorua.

Anyone who is new to Rotorua or would like to welcome new neighbours, or any businesses and organisations that work with new residents can pick up some packs at Rotorua Lakes Council reception.