Rotorua police are happy with the positive message their latest sting has put across, despite interference from the bad weather.

Drivers on phones and unrestrained drivers and passengers have been two focuses of the crackdown which started last week and will finish tomorrow - with random checkpoints appearing around the city.

The crackdown is part of a nationwide sting dubbed Operation Habit.

Officer in charge of Rotorua road policing Senior Sergeant Nicky Riordan said she was happy with the overall operation.


"With the bad weather it has limited what we could have done, but for us what has been positive is that our staff have taken up the opportunity to reinforce the good driving behaviour.

"I was very pleased to see and hear from my staff that children have been strapped in. Our staff have reported that there has been good driving behaviour throughout Rotorua."

She said there had been some people caught using their phones and unrestrained but she still felt the message was getting across.

"It's been encouraging to see drivers being safe on the roads throughout the operation," Ms Riordan said.

Police figures show in the 12 months to March, 1786 tickets were issued in Rotorua for failure to use restraints and 405 for use of cellphones.

Anyone caught using a mobile phone while driving faces an $80 infringement fee and 20 demerit points.

A fine of $150 can be issued to those not wearing a seat belt. Children under 15 are the responsibility of the driver and the fine is payable by the driver. People over 15 are responsible for their own fine.