It's been all change recently at the Rotorua Citizens Club, which this year celebrates its 90th birthday.

New manager Dylan Lee has been in the role for just four months. He said the club's recent 90th AGM went well, with new faces joining the board.

"We have elected a new president and board. We were lucky enough to get some real quality nominations, Jim Harvey local policeman and Tamati Coffey local businessman were successful in joining the board."

Mr Lee said he had always been involved with hospitality and was a rep before this role.


"I've had a business relationship with the club for about three or four years. Very lucky, the board offers a good mix of experience and youth and can help us move into the future.

"Over all the last general meetings we have had, we had no candidates for the election, this time around we had 18 going for roles. I'm very very happy with the new members."

He said the club had just under 1600 members and its restaurant was going well.

"We offer a safe environment for our members and we have a couple of big events coming up. In September we are having a Rotorua Citizen Idol with a big final in October which is very exciting.

"And the Melbourne Cup is coming up and we are looking to take the lead on that.

"We also have a war canoe dance competition coming up in October as well."

He said in terms of the club's finances, which it had struggled with for a while, the club was in a better space as it had been offered advice and support from a local financial adviser.

"From that we were able to forecast and plan for the future," Mr Lee said.