Cadbury's flavour finders have paid a visit to locals to hear ideas and gather inspiration for new chocolate flavours.

The Cadbury Flavour Shed has been voyaging around the country, posing the question 'What's Your Flavour New Zealand?'. It stopped at Rotorua's Eat Streat yesterday inviting locals to share their ideas.

Cadbury head flavour finder Luke Taplin said people's ideas did not have to be a flavour, it could just be an inspiration.

He said some Rotorua-inspired ideas included mud cake, sulphur, hangi, lava cake and trout.


"People seem to have really enjoyed it. It's quite different for them."

Rotorua's Suzie Tai, 16, said she thought it was a good idea because "it gives people a chance to pick their own, nice flavour".

She said a flavour related to geysers would suit Rotorua.

Local Kerah Flavell, 18, said she thought the travelling flavour shed was innovative, fun and exciting.

Heather Rattray said she thought it was great idea and a way for Cadbury to get feedback.

Mr Taplin said they were in need of inspiration for new flavours because the flavouring of chocolate was getting quite "arty".

The Cadbury crew fashioned the traditional back-garden shed - the quintessential home of Kiwi discovery, inspiration and invention - and it displayed an array of jars full of sweet treats.

"It's to get all the ideas flowing and to get people thinking about different flavour inspiration, and what the new chocolate block could be."

Those who stopped by were able to submit their inspiration ideas and sample chocolate.

The Cadbury Flavour Shed started its tour in Dunedin at the 2016 Cadbury Chocolate Carnival.