If you thought it was windy you're not wrong - with winds of up to 93km per hour hitting Rotorua today.

And while the wind is meant to ease off, the bad news is it is set to get colder.

There were significant gusts of winds passing through Rotorua over the weekend, with the highest speed of 93 kilometres per hour recorded at Rotorua Airport on Sunday afternoon according to Metservice.

Showers passed through with heavy rainfall on Saturday evening and early Sunday morning. The heaviest rain was recorded between 3am and 4am Sunday with 5.6 millilitres in an hour.


A police spokesman said there had been numerous incidents such as trees down in the Rotorua and Bay of Plenty area today including a large tree which is down on State Highway One near Turangi.

He said fallen trees were to be expected considering the weather conditions, however there were no major slips that had been reported.

He advised drivers to drive to the conditions, stay safe and be aware of potentially unexpected obstacles and obstructions on the road.

Conditions are expected to ease off tomorrow afternoon with high pressure leading to a drier period.

Metservice is predicting a chilly start on Tuesday morning with the temperatures dropping to 2C.

Several fronts are expected for the rest of the week, which could lead to rain and showers.