Rotorua's RSA is one step closer to finding a new permanent home, but for now it has moved its office to Arawa Park and is still open for business.

On Saturday, about 50 members of the RSA met to hold a workshop designed to get people talking about the future of the organisation.

Rotorua RSA president William McDonald said the workshop, led by RSA member Dr Reynold Macpherson, was extremely positive and gave the executive committee a lot to work on.

"The common feeling among members was very positive and they all got involved."


He said the workshop was based on a report into the club's future produced late last year by Rotorua's APR Consultants.

"As a consequence of that help we had to start drawing up strategic plans for the future. We now have a much better sense of where we would like to go in the future and came up with five key points to work on that the executive [committee] will take away to work on and present it back to members in September."

Mr McDonald said the most important issue for members was a "new home to live in".

"That's their first priority, somewhere we can meet and socialise and call home, but we can't do that without the other things being put into action."

For now, he said, the RSA would be moving from its old building next to the Rotorua Lakes Council and Police Station and into a shared office space at Arawa Park Racecourse.

The RSA will be open for business from 9am to midday, Monday to Friday and will make the move on Wednesday this week.

The office is located next to the large spiral staircase at the racecourse and will be signposted.

Dr Macpherson said he led the discussion using methods he picked up from his time as a leader in the New Zealand Infantry Regiment and the Parachute Regiment.

"The participants responded superbly and in a half day clarified their preferences in five areas - finding a meeting place, boosting welfare services, improving financial health, expanding fund raising and refining governance and administration.

"Looking ahead, the executive will refine the options, add detailed costings and then ask members to make decisions for implementation."