A Hollywood movie star, an All Black great and a former contestant on the television version of the show are among the line up to judge Dancing with Rotorua Stars.

Rotorua actor Cliff Curtis, former All Black Hika Reid, television personality Hayley Holt and Rotorua Hospice chief executive Sharron Black will make up the four person judging panel.

The Harcourts Dancing With Rotorua Stars event is being held on August 13 to raise money for Rotorua Community Hospice.

Rotorua Community Hospice Trust funding manager Jan Morgan said she was thrilled with the quality of the judges as they had set out wanting "a really good mix".


She said the nine couples competing wouldn't just be judged on their technical ability, "although that is really, really important".

"But it is also about the theatrical side and all the additional features that they put into their routine.

"I think the audience is going to be absolutely blown away by what is in front of them."

She said it was important they had one with professional dance experience and MC Tamati Coffey, who had been involved in the television series.

"When we got the dance professional we want to balance it out with other people who could bring something to the table."

Ms Morgan said Curtis happened to be a rock 'n roll performer "way back in the day" and was very aware of the work required to get on stage.

"Hika, well, what can you say? He works for hospice, supports hospice and is a bit of a hard case. He can throw in a few curly ones."

Ms Morgan said Hospice chief executive Ms Black was also selected because of her intimate knowledge of the time and effort which had gone in.

"The balance [of judges] had to be right. We are very very happy to end up with those four people."

Television personality and former Dancing with the Stars contestant Holt said she jumped at the chance to judge the event because she loved Rotorua.

She said there was so much to love at events like it.

"It's cool to for the contestants to realise how hard it is too! It's not a walk in the park and you can tell that people are truly humbled by the experience."

Holt said having been on the other side of the judging table, she knew just how hard the competition was.

"I know how much work it takes so I respect anyone who puts themselves out there and takes on such a challenge."

She had some last minute advice for the constants - "train, train and train again".

"A month seems like a long time and you will trick yourself into thinking the competition is ages away but it will fly by! Train train and train again! Oh, and make sure you have fun, play a prank on your dancing partner for some light relief. One must laugh otherwise you'll cry!"

As a judge, Holt said she would be looking for energy, rhythm and most of all, a gigantic smile.

She said competitions like this had the ability to bring communities and people together who would otherwise never give each other the time of day.

"It's fun but it's also sexy and at times hilarious."

She said with Curtis and Reid alongside her "at least I will feel safe".

"[They] will know what it's like to work your guts out at something and how scary it is to put yourself on show for others to judge you. They will be amazing and I will feel honoured to be sitting beside them."

Holt said hospice was an amazing organisation to support.

"The people who work with hospice are real life angels and we are all blessed to have them."