Rosemary Nightingall is doing her bit for Rotorua District Library's upcoming move - she's taking up the invitation to check out as many books as she wants.

Ahead of the library's move to temporary premises while the Haupapa St building is refurbished, library users are being encourage to take out as many books as they want and to hold on to them until the end of August.

A library member for 25 years, Mrs Nightingall is a twice-weekly visitor, sometimes with her husband.

"We don't watch television so we read a lot," she said.

"The library has a huge selection of books and my husband has recently been getting into talking books, and they have many of those too."

Mrs Nightingall and her husband have a whole stack of library books they are making their way through at home right now, happy to contribute to making the library move later this month easier for the staff who have been busy preparing for the past few months.

The move to temporary premises on the corner of Pukuatua and Amohia Sts, while work is underway on revamping the Haupapa St library building, is set to happen next Monday and Tuesday.

The building needs major maintenance, including to the roof, and once refurbished will accommodate some child health-related services to be provided by Lakes District Health Board, which will become a tenant.

It's expected the library will be in its temporary premises for about 18 months while work on the building is underway.

Library Director Jane Gilbert said people would be able to hang on to the books until August 31, without incurring any late fees.

Library staff have been busy preparing for the move, condensing book collections and readying archives and resource materials for transportation.

"The new space will provide the opportunity to try some new ideas and we think the public are going to like the new location," Mrs Gilbert said.

"We're planning a few surprises and special events to mark the move. We are striving to keep any inconvenience to a minimum - we will be closed for just the two moving days, July 25 and 26, and will be open again for business as usual, in the new location, at 9.30am on July 27.

Library users have been receiving information about the move as they've checked out books and information about the move is available on the Rotorua District Library and Rotorua Lakes Council websites.