Reporter Kyra Dawson is taking part in Harcourts Dancing with Rotorua Stars, happening August 13.

And we're back in full swing, giving the routine our undivided attention over the past week, it's becoming a beautiful expression of, well I'm not sure what yet... you'll just have to wait and see.

One of our amazing dance teachers, Glen Law, a teacher at Mokoia Intermediate, has been giving us, along with a few others, extra lessons during the week.

He said we were finally able to make our dance breathe on Friday when we performed it in front of the group for the first time.


Now that we have the routine sorted we are learning how to tidy it up and building up dance stamina - which is harder than it sounds.

Did any of you notice the new billboards around town? If someone had told me at the beginning of this year I would be on a billboard I would not have believed it.

If you want to check out Flash, Brent Park, and I dressed up all fancy make sure you go around the Sala/Fenton St roundabout.

Don't forget we are doing all of this for Hospice! If you would like to donate head to