Most of Rotorua's five mayoral candidates are embracing social media and boosting their online presence in the lead-up to October's elections.

But they haven't forgotten that traditional methods such as public meetings, door knocking and face-to-face contact with electors will also be a major part of their campaigns.

To date, five people have put their hands up for Rotorua's mayoralty.

They are Mark Gould, Reynold Macpherson, Rob Kent, Rangimarie Kingi (Bosma) and incumbent Steve Chadwick.


While all the candidates said they would try and attend as many public meetings and debates as they could, or were invited to, they all had a slightly different take on connecting with Rotorua's voters.

Mr Gould said he would be using traditional methods such as pamphlet drops and election signage.

"More face-to-face, walking around town and talking to people, and lots of pamphlets. People can ring me at home, I'm in the phone book and I'm active in the community."

He was also thinking about a website and Facebook page.

Ms Kingi said she would be running a grassroots-style campaign, attending public meetings and sending out brochures in her second bid to become mayor of Rotorua.

"I have already been out moving into street education and campaigning. I will use my mayoral campaign to launch my singing career," she said.

Mr Kent said he was happy to arrange to meet groups and individuals.

He also launched his website in the past few days.

"I'll be doing some signage and I do have a full campaign plan that's coming together. I'm still working on a few pages at the moment, but it will be interesting to see the reaction to the website."

He said he'd be speaking with all of his local contacts to help spread the word and was also considering a Facebook page.

Dr Macpherson said he and the Rotorua District Residents and Ratepayers (RDRR) group would be covering all the bases as a team.

"My campaign started last year with letters, market stands and yellow signs.

"The six councillor candidates endorsed by the RDRR and I have campaigned this year as a group. We have heard people's concerns at two rounds of community consultations at 15 locations.

"We will have 15 more community meetings, letters, stands, hoardings, radio spots, print adverts, RDRR and candidates on Facebook, hosted events and policies at"

Mrs Chadwick said she'd be using all the traditional campaigning methods, but "I really don't feel I've stopped in the last two and three-quarter years".

"I won't be doing any door knocking, but I will be walking the streets of the city and visiting every retailer and business and will be at the markets, when my mayoral duties allow."

She said she was excited about taking part in all the candidates' debates she can.
"I can't wait for those, bring them on."