Over the weekend Flash (Kyra's dancing partner Brent Park) took my fiance and I on a tour of his winery, it was a great dance practice.

We rock 'n rolled through the mixing room, shimmied our way up the gondola, waltzed through to the tasting room and gracefully floated to the couch with the best view to try some lovely wines.

I think it was our best practice yet.

But, really in all seriousness, we did actually practise and we got through our entire routine three times without stopping!


Although Flash is having a bit of trouble with the ending, we have a really fast twirl and he just can't get the footwork down.

I ended up taking the lead and showing him what he is supposed to do. Glen Law - our wonderful teacher - said I led very well and even gave me a fist pump, maybe we should trade places, Flash?

During the week I caught up with mayor Steve Chadwick who told me a story about how a hospice helped her mum.

"My mum battled with breast cancer 36 years ago that eventually spread to bone cancer and after a six-year battle she died at Hastings Memorial Hospital.

"The treatment regime was rather limited and there was no Herceptin after radiotherapy and chemotherapy in those days."

She said as a nurse living in another city, she felt "very guilty" about her lack of involvement.

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"It was an absolute godsend when we engaged the services of hospice through our family GP.

"Once they were engaged I was able to back out and leave the negotiations largely between Mum and the service.

"The care she received at home was superb and Mum became more empowered to ask for greater pain relief and other aids that helped her.

"I cannot thank hospice enough for the 'normalisation' of her last year of life. That space and time gave us the chance to realise the journey we were all on and get on with our lives at the same time face a future without a very strong woman and mother.

"I will dance for you Mum."

We are all doing this for Rotorua Hospice and would love for you to donate, each "Star" has their own Givealittle page.

You can donate at www.givealittle.co.nz/fundraiser/kyradawsondwrs.

- Rotorua Daily Post reporter Kyra Dawson is taking part in August's Dancing with Rotorua Stars.