Eastside residents are disappointed they weren't consulted in the Rotorua Lakes Council's latest plans for Lumbercube and say that the noise "cannot be allowed to continue".

The Rotorua Lakes Council released its agreed noise management plan with Lumbercube last week.

The plan, published on the council's website, states that a decision whether to take further action under the Resource Management Act will be made by July 21.

Eastside Residents Association spokeswoman and secretary Ros Morshead said they had asked to be consulted but weren't on the latest plan, nor any timelines.


She said it was "disappointing" to feel they were back in the same position as mid-February when they met with several council representatives to convey the growing eastside community disharmony.

"From there the community patiently pinned its hopes on noise mitigation works aimed to be completed by the end of February/early March.

Four months later the ownership has changed, intrusive and aggressive noise continues to affect hundreds of residents in their homes and backyards."

She said the type of noise being experienced appeared to be quite a unique situation here, but not internationally.

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"One of the points put to council at our last affected residents meeting was that any acoustic work toward solutions on this issue needed to be based on research and analysis of similar low-frequency noise pollution issues experienced overseas that have achieved successful outcomes.

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"The whole issue has gone on for some 10 months. It cannot be allowed to continue and decisive action must be taken. We will be arranging an affected residents meeting next week to discuss the matter further."

A Rotorua Lakes Council spokeswoman said that in July a council noise expert - subject to Lumbercube's progress over the next few weeks - was likely to be able to provide the council with a professional opinion as to whether Lumbercube was on track to implement best practical options to bring the noise character back to reasonable.

"This is the point when Rotorua Lakes Council would determine what further regulatory action is or isn't required under the Resource Management Act and, if required, pursue that further.

"The experienced acoustic experts will take all research into consideration.

"Regular progress reports will be provided by both Lumbercube, through its fortnightly updates in the Rotorua Daily Post, and by council through regular progress updates on council's website," she said.

When the Rotorua Daily Post asked the council why the Eastside Residents Association hadn't been included in the latest plans they directed us to their frequently asked questions page, question seven:

"Will the public be consulted over the Noise Management Plan?

"Due to the complexity of the eastside noise profile it is important that the plan is developed by the acoustic consultants in conjunction with Lumbercube before being provided to Rotorua Lakes Council as the regulatory authority. It will be Lumbercube's Noise Management Plan specific to their site and operations. While this plan will be provided to council and it will be openly communicated, for reasons of transparency, it is not council's plan (hence, not open to public consultation)."

Lumbercube did not respond to the Rotorua Daily Post questions by the time of print deadline.