Rotorua is getting two new fuzzy four-legged police staff, who will graduate with their respective handlers from the New Zealand Police Dog Section in Patrol course on Thursday.

Constable Chris Polglase with his dog Lomu is a first time handler from Rotorua.

He's been with the police for 13 years, previously working general duties and team policing in Auckland and Hamilton.

Mr Polglase also worked in road policing before becoming a handler.

Prior to joining the police, Mr Polglase was an army engineer for three years.


"The key lesson I learnt in the army is that in order to effectively protect a community you are trying to serve, you need to make every effort to understand that community's culture.

"If you lose the trust of the people you're trying to protect you will not be able to do your job.

"The army gave me a solid work ethic which I've brought into police, along with professionalism and sense of personal pride. I am looking forward to getting back on the street with my new mate Lomu," he said.

Constable Andrew Savage and dog Kash will also graduate. While Mr Savage is a first time handler he's been with the police for five years, previously stationed at Auckland City.

Mr Savage moved to Rotorua in November 2014 to take up a handler's position.

Another four dogs from around the country will also be graduating.

The ceremony will be attended by the Minister of Police, the Hon Judith Collins, and Acting Police Commissioner Glenn Dunbier along with other members of the police and their families.