An Opotiki man accused of shooting a father of four dead and wounding another man can now be named.

The case of Isaac Cruz Eru Broughton, 28, was called in the High Court at Auckland this morning after he was charged with murder and causing grievous bodily harm with intent to do so.

His attendance was excused for today's brief hearing and his lawyer David Niven said there were no grounds for the court to continue name suppression.

Shon Tyson Wanahi, 26, was one of two men shot on Railway St, outside the Papakura Railway Station in the early hours of March 12.


Mr Wanahi was taken to Middlemore Hospital but was pronounced dead.

Bunji Fenton, 27, who was shot in the arm, was taken to hospital in a serious condition and was stabilised by medical staff.

Police said Mr Wanahi was originally from Taranaki but had been living in Papakura for many years.

He had four children, including a newborn baby.

The victim's friend, Lewis Tarei, said he had a young family and was straightening out his life.

"He was all good. Sometimes he got in a bit of trouble. But he's just got a new house. He was trying to keep things together for his family."

Detective Senior Sergeant Rod Honan, of Papakura CIB, said at the time a sawn-off shotgun believed to be the alleged murder weapon had been recovered.