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Reporter Kyra Dawson is taking part in August's Dancing with Rotorua Stars - a fundraiser for the Rotorua Hospice.

We are now into week nine of our lessons and it's starting to get tough.

Jan Morgan, hospice funding and development manager, had a chat with me about where we should all be this week.

She said the first minute of our dance should be perfected by now and the second at least choreographed.


Thankfully Shelley Martin, Troy Smith and Glen Law, our amazing dancing teachers, made themselves available all day Monday and those who could got to finish off their routines.

Troy, who has been travelling all the way from Matamata twice a week, along with Shelley and Glen, all stayed in the hall for six hours.

I hope they realise how much we appreciate their time and effort, thank you.

I've been learning that many of the couples have some quirky theatrics to their dances and perhaps mine and Flash's (dancing partner Brent Park) isn't too far out of left field after all.

We spent Monday learning the last 20 seconds of our routine, a foxtrot with a fast spinning finish. I hope I don't pass out from the dizziness on the night!

Earlier in the week I caught up with Tracey Robinson who was telling me about her experience with hospice, the reason why we are doing this.

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She told me how nine years ago her dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

She said there were only 10 days between his being admitted to hospital and his death, so it was all very quick and came as a shock to her family. For the last two days he was in a coma and it was then that the hospice nurses were a great comfort. They advised her and her family that although he was in a coma he could still hear and they could still be of comfort to him.

I'm really hoping we can raise some great funds for hospice and the wonderful work they do. If you would like to donate head to www.givealittle.co.nz/fundraiser/kyradawsondwrs.