A Kawerau woman says a "hard to miss" strange glowing object in the night sky has her baffled.

Rebecca Couchman was standing on her deck in Kawerau with her partner and a friend on Wednesday night when they all witnessed "a strange object in the sky that did not look normal".

"It was orange/red and moving across the sky.

"There was no sound at all. It was silent."


She said she did not believe it was a plane.

"We were standing out on the deck and it was hard to miss but right across the sky was an orange/red light moving fairly fast heading out towards Maketu way then all of a sudden it just disappeared.

"There was three of us and none of us have ever seen anything like it before.

"And the guys that were with me used to serve in the army and they could not explain it at all. It was completely silent," said Miss Couchman.

"I always believed there is other life out there - now I definitely do!"

Readers on the Rotorua Daily Post Facebook page reported seeing a similar sight in the skies over Rotorua.

One said they saw a light about 4.30am in Rotorua, when looking east.

Rotorua Astronomical Society president Heather Cameron thought it was either a satellite or a plane, but said it was definitely not a meteor.

Satellites often seemed to disappear like that, she said.

There had also been a Nasa balloon released from New Zealand, which was another possibility.

From her experience there "always has been a logical explanation" for unexplained objects in the sky.