Monday was hard work, we hadn't had our usual Friday practice because Flash (my dance partner Brent Park) was away and we were both really rusty.

Our teachers Shelley and Troy spent a good 20 minutes of our lesson teaching us timing, which they made look easy.

We tried the lift again and I learned not to bend my legs back if I didn't want to damage Flash's "vitals".

He had to crouch for a few minutes. Sorry man.


Eventually we continued and even got to practice the next part of our routine - the hard rock segment - it involves a bit of head banging and is definitely my favourite bit. I stayed behind for a bit after our dance and watched Paul Hickey and Tania Tapsell doing handstands and all sorts and I had a huge moment of dread, but Lorraine Taylor, principal of Lynmore Primary School, said she had a moment like that last week and we just needed to keep practicing.

Shelley reckons there's no way she is going to let us make fools of ourselves on the night, that was reassuring.

Next week Flash and I are going to nail it.

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