The dreary weather that caused sport cancellations and kept locals inside for much of the weekend was a precursor to the icy-cold temperature drop coming this week.

According to MetService, wind reached 69km and there was 10.4mm of rain recorded on Saturday. The total rainfall forecasted yesterday was 6.9mm, with some short spouts of heavy and thundery falls.

"There were some heavy falls forecasted [yesterday] but they were relatively short-lived," MetService meteorologist Emma Blades said.

She said Saturday saw the most rain for the week but compared with other areas of the North Island, Rotorua "got off pretty easy".


"There were some fronts going over the North Island with some areas getting around 9mm of rain in one hour. Comparatively the most rain Rotorua had in one hour was 4mm which isn't as bad."

But the wet weather did not stop locals enjoying their weekend. On the Rotorua Daily Post Facebook page, people said they were having a "junk food and movies" day and "watching OKC battle it out with Golden State".

Ms Blades said while the rain would abate for the first half of the week, there would be some "chilly starts to the morning" for locals. "We're expecting temperatures to sit in the low teens during the day but there will be a few nippy mornings. Frost is unlikely given the cloud and wind expected but most mornings people will be waking up to 3C or 4C."

Ms Blades said the southerly wind blowing across the city could be blamed for the temperature drops. "From Wednesday, Rotorua will feel a southerly blowing across which will bring with it some much cooler temperatures."

The week ahead:

* Monday: Mainly fine, chance shower. High 14C, low 5C

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* Tuesday: A few showers and fine spells. High 12C, low 3C

* Wednesday: Rain at times, southeasterly developing. High 12C, low 4C

* Thursday: Becoming fine, southerly breezes. High 12C, low 3C

* Friday: Fine, not much wind. High 13C, low 3C