Today the Government is set to announce its Budget. We asked some members of the Rotorua community what they'd like to see come out of it and where money should go. Rotorua Daily Post will provide rolling coverage of the announcement and reaction at
Murray Patchell, partner at Deloitte Private

I think the key issue at the moment is housing. The question is how the Government is going to free up more land and remove some of the barriers to home ownership.

The business model is moving along. I want to see further support for regional tourism, that is something that brings in a lot of business.

I don't want to see too many changes around tax. I don't want to see any new rules coming in, keep businesses as usual, slow down a little.


Shanayla Barrett, 16, Rotorua Youth Council chairwoman

I think more money should go towards creating community initiatives to help small communities build themselves up and prosper.

For us to achieve nationally, we have to be achieving in our smallest communities as well.

I also think the housing crisis is something affecting every New Zealander and as a young person, it is a concern that we are heading into that situation.

More funding going towards affordable, available building projects would be good to see.

Reg Wellington, senior citizen

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I want to see a statement on the amount of our national debt, what interest is being paid, how much is being borrowed each day, and when will principal repayments commence.

Increase funding to the three [armed] services, the police and education.

More apprenticeships in manual trades, eliminating subjects taught at tertiary institutions for which there is no demand.

Stop any further immigration until there is a surplus of suitable housing, except for immigrants who can finance and build their own homes.

Stop the auction system of house sales and revert back to value being related to a percentage increase over QV, depending on elapsed time. A new QV to be carried out every five years.

With rental homes, restrict the rent to a percentage of QV.

Renovate existing empty state houses that are in disrepair, so that those living in garages and sleeping on the streets can have a decent roof over their heads.

Mereheeni Hooker, 62, married, retiree

The two areas that concern me are health and education.

I was reading in the Rotorua Daily Post yesterday about how well we are not doing. Being a cancer survivor, our health waiting times worry me.

With regards to education, I am concerned that students are going into secondary school and are not able to read, write and do basic arithmetic. They need the same funding as preschool and kohanga. When I was at school, we had to stay behind if we didn't know those things going into secondary school. There was no stigma attached but at least when we started high school we knew our times tables and people could read and write.

Gene Daniels, 47, single, no children

I would personally would like to see the Government allocate more money to three things. First, the health system. Waiting lists for operations are getting longer or the operations are being put off because of funding. Education also needs more funding, especially towards lower-decile schools. Lastly, all social services could do with a boost in funding. People are struggling and need help.

Katherine Walker, 37, stay-at-home mum of two children

If I could ask for anything it would be an amendment to the way child support is worked out because I think they should take more of the entire household's income into account. I don't think it is fair the way it is calculated at the moment.

Spending in education and health are two big areas that could always do with more money.

I'd also like to see an extension to the paid parental leave. Extending it can only be a good thing for the child and society as a whole.