The sport of Ultimate Frisbee is alive and well in Rotorua after the annual Brass Monkey tournament was held during the weekend.

About 170 people took part in the two-day festival of the sport that relies on honesty as the players referee themselves on fields 100m long and 37m wide.

Also known as Ultimate, the aim is to pass the Frisbee between players and score points by catching it in the end-zone.

Matches for Sunday's social tournament were played over 60 minutes with players not knowing who they would have for team-mates until the games began. Players from around the North Island, and some from down south, came together for the 19th year of the Brass Monkey.


Organiser Kelly Carter from Hamilton said a 5-a-side tournament was held on the Saturday with the mixed team 7-a-side competition held outdoors on Sunday. "It's really even, we have people who play in world championship teams playing with people who have only played socially. Lots of people didn't know each other at the start of the weekend."

Miss Carter said the sport was built around "the spirit of the game" where players refereed themselves so "it doesn't spoil the enjoyment of the game". Miss Carter said the numbers of Rotorua players were building back up again while the sport enjoyed a resurgence. -To find out more visit Rotorua Ultimate on Facebook.

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20 May, 2016 5:30pm
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