Rotorua schools taking part in Stage Challenge and J Rock have just over three weeks of practise left before they hit the stage at the Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre.

Excitement has been steadily brewing throughout the year, as Stage Challenge and J Rock's nationwide tour involves 16,000 participants from up to 200 schools and has ingrained itself as a highlight on the calendar for youth throughout New Zealand.

It aims to motivate young people to engage in positive and healthy lifestyles, while providing the opportunity to be part of a performing arts spectacular that will create long lasting memories.

Event manager Hazel Reid said Stage Challenge and J Rock was a special organisation
to be involved in due to its ability to make a positive impact on young people's lives.


"Stage Challenge and J Rock gives our youth invaluable life experience and acts as the
perfect platform to showcase talent in all its forms."

For many months, students, teachers, parents and wider communities have been working
relentlessly - perfecting every aspect of their performance with the common goal of creating a spectacular show for performers, volunteers, audience members and all involved.

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