Rotorua Daily Post reporter KyraDawson is taking part in August’s Dancing with Rotorua Stars

Hallelujah! Praise the lord of the dance Brent's toe is okay! After taking last week off, we got back into it this week and, along with us, the rest of the hall was in full swing.

Brent, or Flash Gordon (Flash for short) as I like to call him, said he had nine other toes so wasn't going to let one stop him.

I was so relieved as there had been talk of finding a replacement. It just means I have to be extra careful where I put my feet. There were several couples all practising before and after their half-hour slots with [instructors] Shelley and Troy and they were all looking on form.

This is going to be a great show.


I took a bit of time to wander around the hall and saw the school pair Loren Skudder-Hill and Michael Pillar adding a dab into their routine then bursting out into laughter. Those two have great character, not sure I could've done something like this at their age.

Then I caught up with Brodie Fowler and Tracey Robinson who are looking pretty comfortable together - Tracey looked like she was going to fall asleep on Brodie's shoulder.

Flash and I worked on our tango and we are feeling pretty confident about the first minute of our dance so far, still a lot of work to be done! Oh and we are super excited because we have an official sponsor!

Jan Morgan has told us we are now the "Zoom" couple. Rotorua's Kane Vanner from iTCo - the company who makes a business desktop called Zoom - decided to sponsor us as well as throw in an auction item for the night.

Thank you!

After the rough week last week, things are finally looking up. If you would like to donate head to fundraiser/kyradawsondwrs, all donations go towards Hospice.

? Package tickets go on sale May 23 and general tickets on sale May 30 - all through Ticketmaster.