A Hamurana resident has been left left wondering how many times she will have to re-build her fences after a car crashed through them for the second time this year.

The crash happened on Hamurana Rd, on a bend just past Oturoa Rd, about 8am today.

Val Coburn has lived at the property for 30 years and said in that time at least seven cars had crashed into her fence.

Just two weeks ago she had a second fence built on the inside of her outer one, as a back up in case something like this happened. But the car managed to plough through both.


"It's a bad corner... my fences have been hit twice this year... I don't like not feeling safe in my own property. How many more fence lines do I have to build? How much of my yard do I have to give up?"

Mrs Coburn she was standing in the driveway on the other side of the property talking to a courier when the crash happened, so she didn't see it happen.

There had already been five or six crashes on the road this year, she said.

Mrs Coburn has six husky dogs who were now all cooped up inside because the fence was ruined.

"I'm a bit shaken up this morning. I've got six dogs and I don't know what to with them."

She planned to move the second fence back a bit when it was rebuilt - so if it happened again it would hopefully not be destroyed. But that meant she would have to give up more of her yard.

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