If you are running out of ideas for school holidays, you can take the kids for a treasure hunt while harnessing their interest in technology.

Geo-teering is a way of treasure hunting using GPS technology, and it's being used throughout the world to explore some of the world's most special spots.

According to Sport Bay of Plenty recreation adviser Lauren Atkinson: "Geo-teering is a new way of adventure, sport and recreation that combines treasure hunting, geocaching and orienteering skills, where participants have to find markers hidden in an area. There are eight sites within the Bay of Plenty area, and Tikitapu (Blue Lake) is Rotorua's 'gem site'.

Today Sport Bay of Plenty is encouraging people to explore this area using GPS technology.


"Tikitapu geo-teering course is a rich playground in, on and around the water for anyone who likes their sports and recreation to have a bit of adventure," said Ms Atkinson.

Anyone interested in today's treasure hunt needs to go to www.virtuallyontrack.co.nz/geoteering.

After obtaining a GPS app on their smartphone, they enter co-ordinates that are specific to Tikitapu.

Starting at the beach and circling anticlockwise around the lake, participants use the app with the pre-loaded co-ordinates to find nine clues. They then use the clues found on each marker to complete a sentence about Tikitapu and upload their answers to the Virtually on Track website to win prizes.

Virtually on Track is an initiative between Sport Bay of Plenty, Department of Conservation, and Sport NZ that encourages people to get outdoors and explore the Bay of Plenty utilising technology and social media.

Following on from April's Adventure month, Sport BOP will be encouraging indoor activities from May. Indoors month will highlight the range of indoor recreation options available, as weather gets cooler and darker in the evenings. Activities include square dancing, Ceroc dancing, fitness classes, cross fit, gymnastics, powerhoop and Tai Chi.

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Fact File:

* What: School Holiday Treasure Hunting

* Where: Tikitapu (Blue Lake)

* When: Today 10am-2pm

* Cost: Free