The Regent Hotel accommodated some very well-dressed guests at a high tea yesterday to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday.

The high tea was organised by Rotorua Musical Theatre life member Barry Jenkins.

He said the event had been completely sold out and many people had dressed in "royal formal" as asked.

"I've always admired the Queen and the royals," Mr Jenkins said.


"They do a lot of good."

Mr Jenkins said the Queen had a wealth of experience from her 60 years on the throne.

The high tea event also included a royal-themed quiz and raffle, with prizes for the best dressed.

Local soprano Evelyn Falconer led singing of the British and New Zealand national anthems, and proceedings were to be concluded with Land of Hope and Glory.

Local Glenys Searancke said she was a part of the Rotorua Musical Theatre, and they always celebrated royal occasions.

"There's a lot of royalists amongst us."

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She had always been a huge admirer of the Queen, she said.

To see her on the throne and still so very active at 90 is amazing, she said.

Mrs Searancke said there were a lot of the musical theatre people present at the high tea, along with people from the Red Hat Society.

Red Hat Society member Patricia Buffery of the Red Hot Lavas in Rotorua said the high tea gave them a chance to put on their bling and fancy hats.

The Red Hat Society was worldwide and the largest growing women's organisation in the world, she said.

"We just go out and have fun," she said.

She said she thought the Queen was "amazing" for her age.

"It's really great to see her still able to carry out her royal duties."

Rotorua local Ines Friese, who attended the high tea with her mother Gisela Blum, said they liked dressing up.

She said the Queen had done a very good job, "and at her age it's not easy".