Rotorua Daily Post reporter Kyra Dawson is taking part in the Dancing with the Rotorua stars fundraiser for Rotorua Hospice. Here's her diary entry for this week.

This week we have now accomplished five and a half hours of dancing.

Shelley Martin, our dance teacher, said she's been blown away by the number of guys that are showing up and the lack of ladies.

On Monday night there were twice the amount of guys to girls so Shelley and Jan Morgan - the organiser and hospice funding and development manager - had to step in to cover.

We started with the foxtrot and got the timing down only to learn we weren't even holding each other properly.


So firefighter Justin Nichols and I thought we would give the proper stance a crack, Shelly came and moved our arms high into an arch and then told us we were standing too far apart.

Apparently there is no room to be shy why it comes to dancing.

So with arms arching and feet gliding we made our way around the room. The first time it felt like a lot of toe bashing was going on.

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We were just about to move on to the jive when a surprise Shelley had organised for us showed up.

Troy Smith - her dancing partner from 17 years ago - came along and taught the boys a few tricks on leading. Thanks Troy we women really appreciated that.

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We moved into the jive and I struggled, I found everything a little fast and confusing, until I danced with Brent Park and he slowed it down for me, not on purpose, he's just a little slow.

While practising the jive, we learned a new twirl and it's quick, I look over and see a crash landing. Shelley was on the floor and Paul Hickey was standing there looking confused.

And that folks seems to happen more often than you would think.

Unfortunately Monday night ended with a couple of the stars' cars getting broken into, including that of our guest teacher. We don't want to let this dampen our spirits however, and will continue to dance for hospice.

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