Three local community groups have received a boost as a result of The Warehouse's Bags for Good campaign.

The Warehouse Rotorua raised a total of $8379.59, the second highest amount of money in the country, as part of the campaign.

Stores sell plastic bags for 10 cents at check-outs. Every six months the proceeds are divided between community groups according to how tokens have been allocated by customers.

This week Kea Street Specialist School was given $4054.65, Family Focus Rotorua $2027.32 and Brain Injury Association Rotorua $2297.62.


The campaign has been in place since 2009 and aims to help reduce the number of plastic bags issued.

Rotorua store manager Sally Rison said it was great to be able to involve customers in the donation process.

"We are thrilled to be lending our support to three neighbourhood community groups that enhance the lives of young families and young people.

"Each of the groups do amazing work in our local community so we hope the money raised will help to make a difference to the lives of those they help and support."

She said it was the most The Warehouse Rotorua had raised since it had been part of the programme.

"It's great seeing that it's making a difference, and good to see the community is fully behind the programme."

Kea Street Specialist School principal Sherie Collins said every bit helped as it was a low decile school and struggled to get money from various entities. It would help with its children's resources, she said.

Brain Injury Association Rotorua chairwoman Rose Mansell said it was a "really amazing" project and the association was going to take cycle helmets into schools for its Brain Injury Awareness Week in November.

Family Focus Rotorua women's support worker and parenting programme facilitator Channelle Pita said the money would help provide resources it needed for its services. She said the organisation mostly dealt with low income families and it would help support them, as well as help Family Focus Rotorua to enhance the wellbeing of children.