The new Rotorua Community Health Hub was buzzing with chatter at tonight's official opening.

Arthritis New Zealand arthritis educator Sheryl Jensen said the organisation moved into the new premises at 1172 Haupapa St at the end of January as its old home - Community House - was set to be demolished.

Six other organisations from Community House have also moved into the new hub, along with the Lakeland Disabilities Support Trust.

Mrs Jensen said the new premises had a nice feel, being bright, clean and modern.


"I think everyone is very happy with the new location."

She said it was "really nice" to have the official opening.

"It's a way of acknowledging those who have supported us and helped us get into the new location."

Rotorua Brain Injury Association liaison officer Annie Dunn said the organisations came together because of their common ground and thought it would be "a nice idea" to have their own site.

They often referred between each other and could now all work together, she said.

Ms Dunn said it had taken about nine months to find the property, negotiate the lease and have alterations done.

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She said it had been a huge shock to be told they needed to move and any change was scary, but it was an opportunity as well.

Now the organisations had something that would really benefit the community, she said.

Arthritis New Zealand chief executive Sandra Kirby travelled from Wellington for the opening.

She said it was a great facility for the organisations to be together in a space that was designed for them.

Rotorua Community Health Hub:
¦ Arthritis New Zealand
¦ Rotorua Brain Injury Association
¦ Epilepsy New Zealand
¦ Multiple Sclerosis Society of New Zealand
¦ Parkinson's Central Plateau
¦ Alzheimers Society Rotorua
¦ Asthma New Zealand
¦ Lakeland Disabilities Support Trust