Children grow - causing an ever-present dilemma for parents - what to do with grown-out-of clothes.

Death by Design Collective, founded by Coral Porter, is providing a potential solution in Rotorua next month.

Ms Porter is organising a Children's Clothes Swap at the Arts Village on May28.

The swap is an opportunity to refresh and update the kids' wardrobes in a sustainable manner without spending a fortune. "The whole thinking behind it is it's an exciting new social enterprise and a sustainability eco event," she said.


Ms Porter said she was motivated by the fact that fast fashion was having an impact on the amount of clothing dumped in landfills, and looked for a way of recycling and re-using clothes that was an alternative to taking them to a charity shop. "It's about people pulling things out of the back of their wardrobe that they might have been saving for a rainy day or might never wear again and putting them into a new pair of hands."

People register for the event by paying the $15 fee in advance, then taking their clothes along beforehand. Ms Porter said they must be in good condition, washed and ironed. She will then put them out on display before the clothes swap starts and people who have registered can then select what they want.

Ms Porter was also planning on holding a ladies' clothes swap on the same day in the afternoon.

Visit Death by Design Collective on Facebook or send an email to info@deathbydesigncollective for more information.

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