A local veterinarian has landed himself a gig on national television show Kiwi Living in a new segment about pets.

Stacey Tremain works fulltime as a vet at Vetora, The Pet Club, and he is looking at his new part-time television gig as a bit of fun.

"I'm pretty excited really. It's all new, but at the end of the day there's no pressure because I'm a vet not a TV guy and at the moment it's all fun and exciting and new."

He said they had done three episodes and the first one was filmed in Rotorua.


"Three or four people flew all the way down to little old Rotorua and we did a segment on rat bait poisoning."

He said his segment was about giving people some basic skills and giving them some confidence with common things.

On Thursday last week Mr Tremain said he headed to Auckland to meet the other presenters.

He said his plan was to treat the camera like one of his clients in the consult room.

"The whole aim is that when someone comes to see us we do want to be able to teach them something so that hopefully they can prevent the same thing happening in the future. If they are knowledgeable about why it has happened then they don't have to worry about it recurring.

"If I can somehow achieve that and make people feel a little bit less stressed about the bad things that could happen with their pets then I'm a happy guy."

He said the show had a team of researchers who looked into what we all want to know as Kiwis and then they called him.

"We have a chat about it and I put a veterinarian perspective on it and make sure all the information is checked off and that it's not inaccurate. Then they formulate all the shots and things and then we shoot it."


Mr Tremain said he wasn't struggling with juggling work and the show.

"Work is really supportive, we have an awesome team who back me up quite a lot. I try and do a lot of the show in the weekends and the researcher calls me after work at night. It's all fit around work because that's my main priority and TV is fun, so doing something different is like a bit of a break."

- The show will air on Channel One, Friday, April 1, at 7.30pm. Mr Tremain's segment will go for five-minute segments every two weeks.