More than 70 per cent of eligible Rotorua voters had their say in the second flag referendum - and the majority voted to keep the current flag.

The preliminary results of the second referendum were announced tonight with New Zealand voting to keep the current flag.

Nationally, voter turnout was 67.3 per cent. Of those, 43.16 per cent voted for the alternative silver fern flag and 56.61 per cent to keep the current flag.

In Rotorua, there was a 70.6 per cent turnout. The vote echoed the national result, with 43.6 per cent of Rotorua voting for change and 56.2 per cent for the status quo.


In the Waiariki electorate there was a 48.4 per cent turnout. A comprehensive 75.8 per cent of those who voted from the Waiariki roll voted for the current flag and just 23.8 per cent opted for change.