Any excuse to visit a museum is usually a good one. This weekend, it's chocolate time at ours, and that can mean only one thing.

The Great Rotorua Museum Easter Egg Hunt is on again.

"And its better than ever, with a new format, new clues, new designer eggs and a big activity pack up for grabs," according to Rotorua Museum events co-ordinator Kathy Nicholls.

"This year's event is a little different. You must figure out the word clue by finding all the hidden letters. It's designed to be fun and rewarding, with excellent clues and lots of unique, designer eggs hidden right throughout the museum."


The hunt ends on Tuesday. Detectives need only follow a series of 'word clues' to find the hidden letters along with the eggs, to be in to win.

Hundreds of people usually take part in the annual egg hunt and in some years up to 600 entries have been received.

"It's a fun way to celebrate Easter, get people exploring the museum and it gives the kids something to do while mum, dad or the grandparents can actually look at the exhibitions," said Jo Doherty, communications lead.

With great Easter prizes awaiting, simply find all the hidden eggs plus the elusive Easter bunny, and enter the draw to win. If you are keen to take part and want to find out more contact Rotorua Museum, phone (07) 350 1814 or email


* What: The Great Rotorua Museum Easter Egg Hunt

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* Where: Rotorua Museum

* When: Until March 29

* Cost: Free for locals with relevant ID. General museum admission: Adults $20, seniors $18 and children $8.