When Mickey Wu's new kite got stuck in a tree, he knew just what Mrs Rabbit from cartoon Peppa Pig would do. Luckily, a Rotorua firefighter was up for the challenge.

Mickey got the kite for his 8th birthday earlier this month from dad Chris Whalley.

It was just their second time flying it when the rope snapped and the kite got stuck in a tree at Centennial Park last week.

"My boy said 'when Peppa Pig got her kite stuck in a tree she called Mrs Rabbit and she rescued it in her helicopter'," Mr Whalley said.


So Mr Whalley thought he would "take a punt" and call the Rotorua Fire Brigade.

"I left a message on Thursday, I thought they might be able to use it as a training exercise or something and on Sunday I got a call from one of the guys [senior station officer Ben Alton] ... he said to meet him down there in five minutes so we all ran across."

He said Mickey was really excited and they couldn't believe it when they saw the fire truck pull up.

"This 22-tonne fire truck turns up and there are four guys all dressed in their gear ... one of them was learning how to use it, so they used the kite as a training purpose."

He said Mickey was staring with his mouth open, but he soon started talking to the firefighters.

Mr Alton, who had kids of his own, knew quite a bit about Peppa Pig and said he thought they had better come and get the kite down because that's what Mrs Rabbit would do.

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21 Mar, 2016 8:25am
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"When they said it was his birthday present and he had only got to fly it once we thought it would be good to go and help," Mr Alton said.

He said the crew used their Bronto Skylift truck because there wasn't anywhere to lean a ladder up against and it had a hydraulic elevating platform.

"It's not every day we get to manoeuvre up between the trees."

Mr Alton said they used it as a training exercise, adding he knew Mr Whalley wasn't keen to fall from the tree into a muddy puddle like Peppa Pig's dad did in the episode.

Mickey said he felt pretty excited when the fire truck arrived because they were going to rescue his kite. His mother was saying "Wow, that's so cool" a lot, he said.

A firefighter pulled the kite but its tail was stuck, so he had to pull that out, Mickey said.

"I said thank you and was feeling pretty good."