Councillors and staff at Rotorua Lakes Council have been given a full report into the dos and don'ts heading into this year's elections.

The information was presented to councillors at a meeting of the council's strategy, policy and finance committee today.

But, it was unclear whether the rules would apply from now, or from when the official pre-election period begins on July 8.

Councillors agreed to seek clarification on that point from electoral office Warwick Lampp.


Election day is Saturday October 8 and voting documents will be mailed out from Friday September 16.

According to the Good Practice for Managing Public Communications by Local Authorities guide published by the Office of the Auditor-General the council is required to follow these guidelines to ensure there are no allegations of bias and public confidence in the election process is maintained.

Councillors are to remain politically neutral and not endorse a candidate in the normal performance and function of council duties.