Opotiki District Council has joined forces with Studio One Toi Tu on Ponsonsby Road in Auckland to bring the best of Opotiki art to the streets of Auckland.

The exhibition in July, called The Real Opotiki, will feature artists from Opotiki locals or those with a strong connection to the district.

The exhibition will include nationally recognised artists from the district but there is space set aside for some emerging talents and artists who would like to join.

Opotiki councillors Lyn Riesterer and Shona Browne are part of the volunteer committee working to fundraise for a new Research and Community Centre.


The exhibition would raise the profile and funds for the new centre and also show off Opotiki's vibrancy to Auckland's art community.

Both councillors said that the benefits for Opotiki and for Opotiki artists would be huge.

"We are so fortunate to have amazingly talented people based here, from here, and with a special connection to our place. This is a fantastic opportunity to shine in a big population centre like Auckland," said Ms Riesterer.

"How often does Opotiki show up on the radar of a typical Ponsonby Road Aucklander? This is a great way to show off our town and for our artists to show off their talent with exposure to a whole new audience. This is a chance for Auckland to see the Real Opotiki."

A number of the district's more famous artists are already on boad but there is also space set aside for some emerging talents.

"We have approached some artists already, but we are on the look out for new and emerging artists who are keen to take their art to a bigger stage. If people are interested they need to get applications in very shortly so they can be part of this exciting event," Ms Browne said.

Studio One Toi Tu Manager Echo Janman said they are thrilled to be able to support Opotiki in this exhibition.

"This is a great story about more than just the art from a small regional town. It is also the story of the community coming together in a new way to help raise money and support the redevelopment of a new library and research centre. We are excited to bring this exhibition to Auckland later this year," Ms Janman said.

Artists interested in joining the exhibition can find more about the application process on the Council website, www.odc.govt.nz.